Monday, November 11, 2013

Welcome to the Best Summer You Will Ever Have

My brother and I grew up in the Wood River Valley living and breathing the mountain life. We were constantly outside exploring and learning new things. We truly appreciate these experiences and they have shaped us into who we are today.  So, we have come together with an idea: to help local kids get out and learn how to more fully enjoy the mountains! 

We offer elite coaching for mountain biking, pump track, skateboarding, team sports, and overall how to enjoy and travel safely in the amazing mountains that surround us. That is what Pro-gression Camp is all about. 

Not only will our athletes receive coaching in a variety of mountain sports, they will learn how to simply enjoy the incredible place in which we live.  From swimming in the big wood river to hiking in beautiful places and biking some of the world's finest flow trails, your kids will have a summer that they will never forget.   

One of the greatest feelings one can ever experience is freedom.  At Pro-gression we aim to give our athletes those feelings of pure freedom by structuring our camp to teach high level skills while also allowing the kids to discover their own strengths through experiential learning.

An awesome part of Pro-gression Camp is its size. We coach in small, personal groups.  This way, we can guarantee your child will have one-on-one instruction and progress to their full potential. 

Every Friday is field trip day, and our athletes will have the opportunity to explore the rest of beautiful Idaho!